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Join the Revolution!

With incredible feedback and success with our trade customers, our vegan 'Nduja paste is now available for you to take home!


Originally created for our friends at Pizza Pilgrims, our brand new vegan 'Nduja Paste is made from the same fermented Calabrian chillies and channels the classic flavour and taste of 'nduja paste. We want everyone to enjoy the fiery taste of 'Nduja, vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. No one misses out!



Sprinkle on to pizza as a topping

Coat vegetables and roast for a spicy kick

Perfect as a base for a vegan ragu

As a cooking paste to add heat to a recipe

As a filling for sandwiches

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15 ways to use Ve-Du-Ya

Explore quick and easy was to add Ve-Du-Ya spice to your dishes with minimal effort

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Where can you find it?

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The Journey Matters

We are proud to join the B-corp community!

Last year, we officially became part of the B-Corp family, becoming the UK's first Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Ingredient Company to achieve this! Becoming B-Corp gives us the tools and support to push forward innovative, sustainable projects and be part of a bold, positive movement.