Premium Pesto Bundle

Selection of our recently launched Pesto range, using only premium and authentic ingredients.
Size: 495g
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Unlike many store-bought Pestos, ours do not contain bamboo, potato starch, cashew nuts or any other strange ingredients that we believe should not be in there. Instead, our pestos contain Parmigiano Reggiano, pine kernels, fresh herbs and spices giving the best and most authentic flavour. Not only are they perfect for pasta, why not try adding a dollop of our Pestos to your pizza base, stirring a spoonful or two into your next chicken tagine or adding as the base to a great sandwich.

Premium Pesto Bundle contains:

  • Traditional Genovese Pesto 170g
  • Truffle and Artichoke 170g
  • Oak Smoked Paprika Pesto 170g (★ Great Taste Stars)

✓ Gluten Free

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