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Discover a wide variety of fresh Mediterranean flavour, from authentic Italian pesto to rich tapenade and pastes. Stock your pantry and buy pesto jars for easy use at home or shop our larger size pesto range.

Pestos & Pastes

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  1. Sun-Dried Tomato Paste

    Sun-dried tomato paste...

    1kg for
  2. Reduced Salt Nut Free Pesto

    The classic fresh taste with less salt. Chilled Product...

    1kg for
  3. Artichoke Pesto

    Great alternative to hummus or mix with crème Fraiche to make a delicate dressi...

    1kg for
  4. Red Pesto

    Blended from sun dried and semi-dried tomatoes, with hard cheese and herbs. C...

    1kg for
  5. Fresh Verbena Harissa

    The addition of lemon Verbena makes for an incredibly fragrant paste with a mell...

    1kg for
  6. Rose Harissa

    Spicy, sultry Rose Harissa is one of our best sellers, beloved by chefs since 19...

    1kg for
  7. Grape Must Mustard

    Sweetness of good balsamic adds complexity to the warmth of wholegrain mustard....

    1kg for
  8. Dijon Mustard

    Extra hot Dijon, made in Reims from a traditional French recipe. Chilled Prod...

  9. Wholegrain Mustard

    Classic wholegrain mustard made in the Champagne region. Chilled Product...

    1kg for
  10. Basil Paste

    Genovese basil in vegetable oil Usage - - use to make pesto - add to dressi...

    1kg for
  11. Nut Free Pesto

    Nut Free Pesto, also made with Vegetarian cheese. Storage Condition: Chilled...

    1kg for
  12. Black Olive Paste

    Black Douce olives crushed with oil. Chilled Product...

    1kg for
  13. Premium Genovese Pesto

    Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO Genovese basil combine for a bold, authentic Ligurian t...

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14 Items

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