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Choose from our wide range of juicy whole olives, available plain or in delicious marinades and mixes. Whether you’re looking for unpitted black olives, crisp green stone in olives or even both, our selection is sourced from the best locations all over the world and includes unique taste infusions. Pair our unpitted olives with wine before dinner or include in authentic Mediterranean recipes.

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  1. Green Herbes de Provence Olives

    Aromatised green olives from Morocco with Provençal herbs Storage Condition:...

    3kg for
  2. Giarraffa

    Large green olives with a firm and crisp texture grown in Sicily Chilled...

    3kg for
  3. Nocellara del Belice

    Crisp, lush green Sicilian olives; a singular varietal that reminds us that oliv...

  4. Lemon, Basil & Mint Olives

    Cracked Beldi olives in a rustic citrus and herb marinade. Chilled ...

  5. Gordal

    Extra large olives with a firm bite and mild refreshing flavour from Andalucia. ...

  6. Etna Olives

    Herby mix with a chilli kick (but not quite as volcanic as their name suggests)....

  7. Petit Lucques

    Petit Lucques are perfect to accompany a fine sparkling white wine before dinner...

  8. Nocellara del Belice - XL

    The XL version of the crispy fruity Sicilian favourite. Chilled ...

    2.5kg for
  9. Manzanilla

    Plump Andalucian olives with gentle almond notes on the finish Chilled ...

    3kg for
  10. Queen Green Chalkidiki

    Classic supersize Chalkidiki table olives grown on the sundrenched hillsides of ...

    3kg for
  11. Picholines Du Gard

    Young crisp green olives from Southern France. Chilled...

    3kg for
  12. Bella di Cerignola

    Italians call them Barilito, meaning 'The Barrel' - try gently roasting them wit...

    3kg for

12 Items

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