Green Olives

We only source the very best green olives from leading suppliers across the Med. From delicious gordal olives to stuffed pimento varieties, you’ll find something for every occasion. Try both plain and marinated green olives in your favourite recipes and antipasti or discover our award winning crisp Nocellara del Belice paired with a sparkling wine.


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  1. Anchovy Stuffed Olives - tin

    Small green Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovy paste (which unusually, is MS...

    2kg for
  2. Pitted Plain Green Olives

    Beldi Olives from Marrakesh, plain. Storage Condition: Chilled...

    3kg for
  3. Pitted Gordal Olives

    Pitted Gordal Olives from Andalucia, Spain Chilled...

    2.5kg for
  4. Pitted Chilli Rosmarino

    Gordal Spanish olives in a chilli, rosemary and lemon marinade. Chilled ...

  5. Pitted Zesty Maroc

    Preserved lemon and coriander seeds give a punchy tang to Spanish Gordal olives....

  6. Pitted Smokey Salamanca®

    Giant pitted Gordal olives with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and garlic. C...

  7. Pitted Vinci® Olives

    Big, green, crisp Chalkidiki olives with peppers and mushrooms. Our top-rated ol...

  8. Pitted Nocellara del Belice

    Pitted Nocellara Del Belice Chilled ...

  9. Double Stuffed Olives - Garlic and Pimento

    Juicy Chalkidiki olives stuffed with sweet pimento and crunchy garlic. Chille...

    3kg for
  10. Double Stuffed Olives - Garlic and Jalapeño

    Huge Chalkidiki olives stuffed pieces with garlic and jalapeno. Chilled...

    3kg for
  11. Pitted Green Olives in Herbes de Provençe

    Beldi olives in a simple herbes de Provence marinade Chilled ...

    3kg for
  12. Martini Olives

    Stone-free Chalkidiki olives, perfect shaken or stirred in a Martini. Chilled...


12 Items

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