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Roasted aubergines with Tahini, Date Molasses, feta and Lemon Oil. (2).jpg

Roasted aubergines with Tahini, Date Molasses, feta and Lemon Oil

Prep 30 minutesCooking 20 minutes4 people

Roasted aubergines with Tahini, Date Molasses, feta and Lemon Oil. This dish makes a wonderful starter, or added to a Middle-Eastern-inspired feast. Eaten hot or cold, this vegetarian dish is always a crows-pleaser.


20 minutes

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3 aubergines, sliced into 2cm rounds

1/2tsp salt

3 tbsp Pepe Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100g Feta, or a similar style, cheese

1.5 tbsp Lemon Oil

1 tbsp Date Molasses

1.5 tbsp Tahini

1 handful of chopped coriander


  1. Heat a fan oven to 195C, regular oven 205C.
  2. Put the aubergines on a tray or dish and toss with salt to coat. Leave for 30 minutes to allow the salt to draw out moisture from the aubergines. Pour the olive oil on a roasting try and place in the oven to allow the oil to heat up, like you would for roast potatoes. Using a paper towel, pat the aubergines dry. Carefully take the tray with oil out of the oven and place the aubergines on it. Put back in the oven, roast for ten minutes, then turn the pieces of aubergines over and roast for another 10-15 minutes, or until golden brown.
  3. Whilst the aubergines are cooking, crumble the feta into pieces in a bowl and mix with the Lemon Oil. Set aside.
  4. The aubergines taste good whether hot or cold, but I would recommend serving whilst warm, so the feta softens a little. Arrange the aubergines on a large plate or serving dish and then spoon over the feta and Lemon Oil mix. Next drizzle over the Tahini and Date Molasses and then scatter over the chopped coriander. Taste to see if the dish need a seasoning with salt – the aubergines should be seasoned enough and some types of feta can be quite salty so you might not need any more.

Included in this Recipe

Pepe® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pepe® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A suffusion of Arbequina oils from Lleida, Catalonia