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Oysters with Basil Oil, Chilli Oil, Lemon Oil & Bergamot Zest 1.jpg

Oysters with bergamot zest and Basil, Chilli or Lemon infused extra virgin oil

Prep 20 minutesCooking 06 people

The spectacle of freshly opened oysters is for me, the perfect way to start a Christmas dinner, their bracing brininess a contrast to the richness they precede. Each different infused olive oils bring a different contrast to the oysters, so choose whether you prefer citrus (lemon), spicy heat (chilli) or aromatic (basil). Powerful bergamot really electrifies the combination, but if you can’t get hold of one, lemon zest is happy substitute.



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Oyster knife

A fine grater or microplane

12 oysters

1 bergamot lemon

1/2kg crushed ice

Chilli, Basil or Lemon extra virgin olive oil, to taste


  1. Wash and scrub the oysters under cold running water to remove any dirt and grit.
  2. Use a thick kitchen cloth to protect your hand. Hold the oyster in place with the cloth with a sturdy chopping board underneath. Insert the tip of the oyster knife into the pointed end, between the flat and curved shells and gently wiggle from side to side to push the tip in. Now twist the edge of the knife to force the shell to open, then carefully run the edge of the knife along the top of the flat shell to free the oyster. Remove the top of the shell and keep as decoration for the plate, if desired.
  3. Next, run the knife under the oyster to separate it from the curved shell, staying close to the edge to avoid cutting it, then remove any small bits of broken shell or sediment.
  4. Arrange the ice on a plate or bowl and then place the oysters on top. Gently zest the bergamot over the oysters. Not much is needed as the bergamot is extremely powerful. Add a good few drops of your chosen infused olive oil into each oyster and serve immediately.

Included in this Recipe

Extra Virgin Chilli Infused Oil

Extra Virgin Chilli Infused Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dried chilli, for a powerful alliance of fruity notes & heat.

Extra Virgin Basil Infused Oil

Extra Virgin Basil Infused Oil

Extra Virgin Oil infused with dried basil