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A glass bowl has five scoops of chocolate ice-cream in it. There is Verdemanda Olive Oil being poured on top of the ice cream.

Chocolate Ice Cream with Verdemanda Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Prep 5 minutesCooking 04 people

Not as obvious as some ice cream toppings but this is not a pairing to be sniffed at. This simple but impressive dessert is elegant yet intriguing. The richness of the chocolate ice cream works well with the subtle, balanced nature of the Verdemanda Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Finish with a sprinkle of Sea Salt which really allows the flavour of the Verdemanda to come to the fore.



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Dark chocolate ice cream

Verdemanda olive oil

Sea salt flakes


  1. Scoop as much ice cream as you like into a bowl. Drizzle Verdemanda all over the top of the ice cream and the sprinkle a little sea salt on top.

Included in this Recipe

Verdemanda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Verdemanda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina olives of the highest quality are stone ground creating a vivid emerald green oil with a fresh and vibrant grassy flavour.