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To have a truly Mediterranean meal, antipasti is a necessity. From sun-dried tomatoes to Borettane Onions and Cornichons, we have got the full range to create the perfect antipasti board. We also have a wide range of cheeses that partner perfectly with our antipasti, as well as being excellent additions to many dishes, including Caprese Salad, Aubergine Parmigiana, and using Ricotta for a berry yoghurt dessert.

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    17 products
    • Balsamic Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Balsamic Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Balsamic Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

    • Marinated Mini Figs

      Marinated Mini Figs

      Baby figs from Spain marinated in a spiced sauce Storage condition: chilled

    • Piquillo Peppers wood roasted

      Piquillo Peppers wood roasted

      Fruity peppers with no heat

    • Anchovies 50g

      Anchovies 50g

      Anchovy fillets Storage condition: chilled

    • Premium Italian Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Premium Italian Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Roasted slowly in low-temperature ovens for an intense flavour and soft texture Chilled Product

    • Balsamic Borettane Onions

      Balsamic Borettane Onions

      Showstopping antipasti made from Puglian Borretane onions and Balsamico di Modena IGP Chilled Product

    • Lilliput Capers with vinegar

      Lilliput Capers with vinegar

      Wild capers, handpicked in Morocco. Works well with white fish and prawns. Chilled Product

    • Grilled Aubergines

      Grilled Aubergines

      Italian grown & hand prepared. Chilled Product

    • Baby Violetto Artichokes in Oil

      Baby Violetto Artichokes in Oil

      Baby Violetto artichokes from Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily dressed in oil and lightly seasoned with garlic and parsley Storage condition: chilled

    • Whole Green Guindilla Chilli Peppers

      Whole Green Guindilla Chilli Peppers

      Spanish, long green chillies harvested early and pickled in white grape vinegar. Storage condition: chilled

    • Cornichons


      Small and super crunchy - try them with a rustic pâté Chilled Product

    • Rose Harissa

      Rose Harissa

      Spicy, sultry Rose Harissa is one of our best sellers, beloved by chefs since 1996. Chilled Product

    • Capers non pareilles, with vinegar

      Capers non pareilles, with vinegar

      These non-pareilles capers are wild, hand-picked in Safi on the West Coast of Morocco, and revered for their two-tone colour Storage condition: chilled

    • Salted Caper Non Pareilles

      Salted Caper Non Pareilles

      The smallest of capers, which measures under 7mm, is considered “non-pareil” which translates from the French, “to have no equal.”

    • Sun-Dried Tomatoes (A grade)

      Sun-Dried Tomatoes (A grade)

      Premium Italian tomatoes salted and dried the old fashioned way for a bold umami taste

    • Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Turkish tomatoes, semi-dried and preserved in oil with oregano and garlic. Chilled Product

    • Sweet Garlic with Chilli

      Sweet Garlic with Chilli

      The Kissable Garlic antipasto. All the crunch, with none of the burn. Chilled Product