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By adding apricots, balsamic vinegar, ras el hanout and spices to one of our favourites, Rose Harissa, we've created a sweet and spicy paste perfect to add depth and flavour to your favourite recipes. 


Harissa is a hot pepper spice paste, native to Algeria and Tunisia, the traditonal paste is used a base to add additional flavours such as Rose, smoky chilli or Apricot to and is widely utiliszed around the world today and throughout middle-eastern cuisine.

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Needing a gift for your next birthday party, housewarming or other celebration? Give the gift of Belazu and find Apricot Harissa in our gifting range, alongside other gift packs.

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Searching for me? Find Apricot Harissa and other middle eastern spice pastes here!

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Apricot Harissa goes fabulously with chicken and lamb koftas, on a cheeseboard with crispbreads, as a marinade for halloumi skewers and as a replacements for chutney. 

Still stuck for inspiration, find some recipes that feature Apricot Harissa below... 

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