We put the same effort into sustainability as we do quality

The Belazu story began with a journey – George driving his first shipment of marinated olives back from Monsieur Soler’s market stall in Provence. Right from the off, he knew the importance of caring for our products from a supplier’s gate through to a customer’s door.

But today’s world also demands that we put the same care into the sustainability of this voyage as we do the ensuring product quality.

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen as three pillars: People, Product and Planet


Investing in our people, the local community and charitable arm, The Belazu Foundation.

Some of highlights to date include:

– Awarded a Gold Investors in People in 2018.

– Proud to be one of the first employers paying the London Living Wage

– Maintaining our BRC A+

– Winning 4 national awards for our innovative approach to employee engagement

– Robust training in sustainability principles all of our procurement staff


– We’re committed to a low impact, ethical supply chain. Social and envirnomental considerations matter as much as financial ones.

– We strive to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and minimise water use, not just at our HQ but throughout the supply chain. We work alongside our growers and makers to achieve this.

– We believe that this not only makes business sense, it also has the potential to improve the living and working standards of people around the world.


Hand sorting at our supplier in Morocco for olive grading

Code of conduct for ethical procurement

Our code of Ethical Trade and Ethical & Sustainable Procurement sets out the detailed requirements and minimum expectations of our suppliers.

– We ensure that all people in the supply-chain are treated with respect and have rights with regard to employment.

– Our contracts are legally binding covenants insisting on moral conduct by everyone the supplier does business with: their suppliers, employees, sub-contractors and local communities.

Farming olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our goal is reducing the environmental impact of our operations including Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, water use and waste.

We work hard to reduce to any unwanted bi-product of the journey from field to fork, that of waste. And we’ve got awards to prove it.

Some of our successes include:

–  Becoming a zero-landfill business in 2013, directly recycling 75% waste, sending 15% for recycling and recovering energy through the incineration of the remaining 10%.

– Receiving 4 national environmental awards in the last 2 years

And there’s more to come!  Keep up to date with our progress via the blog

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