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We saw the emergence of the Urfa chilli in some cutting edge Middle Eastern restaurants in the UK, and noticed that smoky, earthy flavours were on the rise. On a trip to Istanbul, we discovered that the traditional Turkish pepper paste, Biber Salcasi, is used as the base of many Turkish dishes, so we used this to help achieve a full flavour delivery. Combining these ingredients, we have created something with a flavoursome punch that has many applications.

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Once the Urfa Chilli peppers are picked, they are left in the sun to cure and develop their deep reddish-brown colour. This process lends them distinctive earthy and smoky flavours with hints of raisin and tobacco, which gives way to a strong, but not fierce, chilli heat. Use as a base for marinades, dressings and drizzles on fish, meat and vegetables or mix with yoghurt to create a dip.


If you are still looking for inspiration on how to cook with Urfa Chilli Paste try one of the recipes below…

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