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The Journey Matters


Whether it’s the carton of milk you pour on your morning cereal, or the packet of biscuits you dunk in your tea, food packaging is inescapable and it makes up a large proportion of our household waste. Recycling is a fantastic way to prevent some of this going to landfill, and here at Belazu we aim to have 100% of our packaging returnable or recyclable by 2025. However, with just a little creativity and some good old-fashioned DIY, you can turn your waste into new, practical, and sometimes even beautiful, items. Upcycling has so many benefits, from giving new life to old things, reducing your waste and impact on the planet, to getting creative and saving money.


Some members of Team Belazu have already given upcycling a go, finding inventive ways to reuse our packaging. We’d love to hear from you how you’ve upcycled our packaging.


Send us an email at with a picture of your creation and we'll give you 700 loyalty points to use on our website.