Made using the schutzenbach method by a small family run business in Catalonia, Spain our Vermouth Vinegar is a medium sweet vinegar with subtle hints of herbs such as rosemary and laurel. Our Vermouth Vinegar is the perfect accompaniment to season shellfish, pickle vegetables or use as a simple dressing for salads.


Aged Malt Vinegar of Modena

Made in Modena using the same method as Balsamic production, this malt vinegar is aged in oak barrels which mellows the acidity and brings caramel sweet notes to this otherwise traditional British product. Our Aged Malt Vinegar is soft, balanced and slightly sweet meaning it can be used as a seasoning tool that bridges the gap between Italian and Spanish cuisine. Use our Aged Malt Vinegar to pickle vegetables, as a simple dressing for greens or use in a miso glaze for roasted carrots.


Made on Mount Gerazim, near to a little town called Nablus – the original home of Tahini. The sesame seeds hailing from Ethiopia, some say they produce the best sesame in the world, are washed clean and then roasted. Not to a prescribed formula but with each batch the roasters perform their duties with their nose as well as their eyes, making sure that the seeds don’t catch or are over-heated. Once peeled the seeds are double-milled for an incredibly fine finish. As well as using to make hummus, whisk with citrus fruit juice, water, garlic and maybe a little honey for a fantastic salad dressing. Serve on roasted aubergines and cauliflower. Mix into yogurt with garlic and lemon to go with charcoal grilled meats or fish. The “Use By” date does not decrease from opening.


The world’s oldest known cultivated grain, Siyez is pleasantly sweet, with a good nuttiness and bite. It is a versatile staple with a more distinctive texture and a greater depth of flavour than other grains. Traditionally cooked as a pilau, use Siyez as you would any other grain in a salad or as an overnight Siyez breakfast bowl with berries and yoghurt.

Red Pepper Tapenade

Smooth and creamy tapenade made from Spanish sweet chargrilled red peppers and seasoned with hints of garlic and paprika. Use an accompaniment for bread, serve dolloped on grilled fish, use with pastry for canapes or stir through pasta.


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