Tagine Ingredients Kit

Our Moroccan Tagine Kit gives home cooks all the essentials to make an authentic tasting tagine, including our Rose Harissa Paste, Beldi Preserved Lemons and Barley Couscous.
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Traditional tagines are full of vibrant flavour and colour cooked in a terracotta earthenware pot. Although simple to cook, the combination of Saffron, Beldi Lemons, Rose Harissa and Tagine Paste make the dish come alive with aromatic spices creating the perfect sharing dish between family and friends. Tagine is most traditionally served with barley couscous and added fresh herbs.

Tagine Kit Includes:

  • Rose Harissa 170g (★★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • Tagine Paste 170g (★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • Beldi Lemons 220g (★★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • Saffron 1g (★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • Barley Couscous 500g (★ Great Taste Stars)

✓ Vegetarian

✓ Vegan

✓ Dairy Free

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