Our Specialty ingredients will transform your dishes. Discover delicious Tahini, Truffle Pesto and many other specialty ingredients from across the Mediterranean.

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  1. Truffle & Artichoke Pesto

    A blend of black truffles from Piedmont, artichokes from Puglia and aged Parmigi...

  2. Dried Chanterelles Mushrooms

    These dried wild Chanterelles are a great addition to pies, pastas and broths....

    30g for
  3. Dried Porcini Mushrooms

    These intensely flavoured mushrooms are a perfect addition to stock, a risotto, ...

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  4. Dried Forest Mushrooms

    A mix of dried forest mushrooms, a perfect addition to risottos and marinades....

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  5. Anchovies 50g

    Anchovy fillets Storage condition: chilled...

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  6. Black Truffle and Mushroom Salsa

    Mushrooms, olive oils and summer truffles blended to make a heady, aromatic sals...

    80g for

6 Items

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