Dried Pappardelle pasta

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Dried Pappardelle pasta made from 100% Italian durum wheat, pairs well with rich sauces and Ragu.
Size: 500g
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Pappardelle is a wide, ribbon-like pasta, which is perfect when combined with rich meaty sauces. Made in Sardinia, this pasta is made using 100 % Italian Durum wheat, which is only used by a handful of producers. It is then carefully dried at low temperatures which is essential in achieving that al dente bite once cooked, while also developing a unique flavour profile.


  • Pairs well with all kinds of thick rich sauces and ragus, especially ones with slow cooked and braised meats such as beef and game
  • Works perfectly with mushroom, white ragu or meatballs.

***Buy any 2 pasta's, get one pesto for free!***

Please note: Add your free pesto at the checkout, when the pop-up window appears. Genovese and Truffle and Artchoke pesto are excluded from this offer.

Energy 1514kJ/357kcal
Fat 1.2
of which Saturates 0.2
Carbohydrates 72.0
of which Sugars 3.7
Fibre 3.1
Protein 13.0
Salt 0

Durum Wheat Semolina (100%).


May contain traces of Soy and Molluscs.

Store Ambient.
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