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All of our olives are naturally ripened and unpasteurised to give the best possible texture and flavour. We hand mix these fresh olives in small batches by bringing together the best varieties and ingredients to create signature mixes. Our best sellers come in handy 400g vac-packs and are perfect when paired with our antipasti range.


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  1. Nocellara del Belice - XL

    The XL version of the crispy fruity Sicilian favourite. Chilled ...

    2.5kg for
  2. Pitted Pistou Olives

    Pistou is the traditional Provençal mixture of basil and garlic. The perfect pi...

    2.5kg for
  3. Pitted Olympia Olives

    Fruity Kalamata olives with crisp Moroccan Beldi and chunks of cheese Chilled...

    2.5kg for
  4. Martini Olives

    Stone-free Chalkidiki olives, perfect shaken or stirred in a Martini. Chilled...

  5. Pitted Green Olives in Herbes de Provençe

    Beldi olives in a simple herbes de Provence marinade Chilled ...

    3kg for
  6. Pitted Kalamata

    Classic Kalamata olives. Rich and famously fruity Chilled ...

    3kg for
  7. Cocktail Olive Mix

    A cocktail mix of Gaeta, Queen Green and Manzanilla olives Chilled...

    3kg for
  8. Smokey Flavoured Mixed Olives

    Kalamata and Beldi olives flavoured with pine smoke Chilled ...

    1.7kg for
  9. Casablanca Olives

    Purple Spanish Cuquillo Nicoise, green Moroccan Beldi in an aromatic marinade of...

    3kg for
  10. Micro Olive Mix

    The smallest available Lucques, Cuquillo Nicoise and Manzanilla olives all in on...

    3kg for
  11. Double Stuffed Olives - Garlic and Jalapeño

    Huge Chalkidiki olives stuffed pieces with garlic and jalapeno. Chilled...

    3kg for
  12. Double Stuffed Olives - Garlic and Pimento

    Juicy Chalkidiki olives stuffed with sweet pimento and crunchy garlic. Chille...

    3kg for
  13. Pitted Nocellara del Belice

    Pitted Nocellara Del Belice Chilled ...

  14. Petit Lucques

    Petit Lucques are perfect to accompany a fine sparkling white wine before dinner...


Items 46-59 of 59

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