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All of our olives are naturally ripened and unpasteurised to give the best possible texture and flavour. We hand mix these fresh olives in small batches by bringing together the best varieties and ingredients to create signature mixes. Our best sellers come in handy 400g vac-packs and are perfect when paired with our antipasti range.


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  1. Pitted Black Olives in Herbes de Provençe

    Moroccan black olives in a simple herbes de Provençe dressing. ...

  2. Pitted Jerba Olives

    Large green Chalkidiki and purple Volos olives with Rose Harissa Storage Cond...

    2.5kg for
  3. Pitted Ilios Olive Mix

    Large green Chalkidiki Olives and purple Uslu Olives , Sundried Tomatoes & Garli...

    2.5kg for
  4. Pitted Plain Green Olives

    Beldi Olives from Marrakesh, plain. Storage Condition: Chilled...

    3kg for
  5. Pitted Reduced Salt Black Olives

    Naturally ripened black Douce olives from Marrakesh. ...

    5kg for
  6. Spanish Olive Mix

    Hand Mixed Gordal, Manzanilla, Zorzalena & Cornicabra olives Chilled...

    3kg for
  7. Green Herbes de Provence Olives

    Aromatised green olives from Morocco with Provençal herbs Storage Condition:...

    3kg for
  8. Black Herbes de Provence Olives

    Black Douce Olives with Provençal Herbs Storage Condition: Chilled...

    3kg for
  9. Rustica Olives

    Kalamata Olives in a pepper, herb and Rose Harissa marinade Storage Condition...

    3kg for
  10. Peruvian Olive Mix

    Botija Olives with Red Peppers, Herbs and Chilli. Grown in The Andes, Peru, at a...

    3kg for
  11. Mixed Stuffed Olives

    Chalkidiki Olives hand stuffed with garlic, lemon and Pimento red peppers. St...

    3kg for
  12. Anchovy Stuffed Olives - tin

    Small green Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovy paste (which unusually, is MS...

    2kg for
  13. Kalamata Quarters

    Kalamata olives pitted and cut in quarters ...

    2.5kg for
  14. Belazu Ingredient Company House Mix

    Our ‘olives del día’, a continuously changing selection for those who like ...

    3kg for
  15. Cordoba Olives

    Green Beldi & purple Cuquillo Niçoise olives with onion, garlic & pepper ...

    3kg for

Items 16-30 of 59

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