Unpitted Olives

Choose from our wide range of juicy whole olives, available plain or in delicious marinades and mixes. Whether you’re looking for unpitted black olives, crisp green stone in olives or even both, our selection is sourced from the best locations all over the world and includes unique taste infusions. Pair our unpitted olives with wine before dinner or include in authentic Mediterranean recipes.

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  1. Smokey Flavoured Mixed Olives

    Kalamata and Beldi olives flavoured with pine smoke...

    1.7kg for
  2. Amaranto Olive Mix

    Nocellara, Kalamata and Caperberries...

    3kg for
  3. Cocktail Olive Mix

    A cocktail mix of Gaeta, Queen Green and Manzanilla olives...

    3kg for
  4. Italian Olive Mix

    Nocellara, Bella di cerignola, Giarraffa & Nostraline - an olive mix of great pe...

    3kg for
  5. Casablanca Olives

    Purple Spanish Cuquillo Nicoise, green Moroccan Beldi in an aromatic marinade of...

    3kg for
  6. Spanish Olive Mix

    Hand Mixed Gordal, Manzanilla, Zorzalena & Cornicabra olives ...

    3kg for

6 Items

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