Marinated Olives

Our marinated olives are bursting with powerful flavours, from our classic olives in Herbs de Provence to zesty citrus marinated olives. Discover unique and delicious flavour combinations with Italian and Spanish marinated olives. Tasty on their own or paired with our other incredible snacks.


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  1. Black Herbs de Provence Olives

    Black Douce Olives with Provencal Herbs Storage Condition: Chilled...

    3kg for
  2. Pitted Harlequin® Olives

    Pitted Chalkidiki and Uslu olives, with red peppers, garlic and a touch of chill...

  3. Pitted Smokey Salamanca®

    Giant pitted Gordal olives with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and garlic. C...

  4. Pitted Chilli Rosmarino

    Gordal Spanish olives in a chilli, rosemary and lemon marinade. Chilled ...

  5. Pitted Black Olives in Herbes de Provençe

    Moroccan black olives in a simple herbes de Provence dressing. ...

  6. Etna Olives

    Herby mix with a chilli kick (but not quite as volcanic as their name suggests)....

  7. Pitted Zesty Maroc

    Preserved lemon and coriander seeds give a punchy tang to Spanish Gordal olives....


7 Items

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