Middle Eastern Ingredients Kit

A collection of Middle Eastern ingredients sourced from countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.
Size: 1.8kg
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From Tahini and Cous Cous to Beldi Preserved Lemons and Shawarma Paste, this hamper is stocked full of Middle Eastern flavours, including some more unusual ingredients such as Saffron and Zhoug. Adding a teaspoon of Rose Harissa, Zhoug or Shawarma Paste to your dishes will add an intense aromatic flavour. Scroll through the recipe section on our website to find inspiration for your next Middle Eastern feast.

Middle Eastern Kit Includes:

  • 500g Tahini (★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • 170g Rose Harissa (★★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • 500g Barley Couscous (★ Great Taste Star)
  • 1g Saffron (★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • 220g Beldi Preserved Lemons (★★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • 170g Shawarma Paste
  • 170g Zhoug (★ Great Taste Star)

✓ Vegetarian

✓ Vegan

✓ Dairy Free

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