Melissa Hemsley - Eat Happy Bundle

Melissa Hemsley’s new book ‘Eat Happy’ is a culinary celebration of fast, feel-good food which is full to the brim of simple, yet delicious recipes made from easy to find ingredients.
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Eat Happy takes typical store cupboard ingredients, transforming them into mid-week meals that deliver big flavours and are perfect for batch cooking – removing the hassle of cooking every single night. The selection of Belazu products within this bundle are specifically picked to compliment the recipes in Melissa’s book. Use our Tahini in Melissa’s hoisin duck pancakes or try adding our Smoked Paprika and Early Harvest Olive Oil to her Eggs, Avocado & Bean Tacos for a lazy Sunday brunch. Includes: Rose Harissa 170g, Smoked Paprika 70g, Tahini 1kg, Saffron 1g, Early Harvest 500ml Olive Oil, Apple Vinegar 500ml, Melissa Hemsley's cookbook 'Eat Happy'.
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