Harissa Jar Bundle

To celebrate our Rose Harissa’s 20th birthday, we have added two new harissa pastes to the range, which allows you to experience the three distinct, rich, spicy flavours of the Middle East.
Size: 510g
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Our premium harissa range offers a sweet element that is matched by a spicy kick of chilli. Our best-selling Rose Harissa has garnered 3 Great Taste stars, thanks to its secret recipe having been perfected over the years since 1999. Our Smoked Chilli Harissa is made with fiery chipotle chilli, while the Apricot Harissa is a milder, sweeter harissa paste. Each harissa can be used as a spread, marinade, chutney substitution, and mixed into dishes such as stews. Their versatility is incredible, and to have the three under your belt will make you unstoppable! The amalgamation of the peppers and spices creates an authentic Middle Eastern aroma that is popular amongst kitchens and Michelin-starred restaurants across the UK.

Included in this bundle:

  • 170g Rose Harissa (★★★ Great Taste Stars)
  • 170g Apricot Harissa
  • 170g Smoked Chilli Harissa

✓ Vegetarian

✓ Vegan

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Dairy Free

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