Ancient Grains & Couscous

Protein rich and full of fibre, our delicious range of ancient grains and couscous make the perfect accompaniment to any dish. From plump Freekah and Giant Couscous to, nutty Buckwheat Kasha and Siyez, our selection of speciality grains are the crowning glory to salads, soups and stews.


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  1. Barley Couscous

    Deliciously nutty high fibre couscous with a bit of bite...

    500g for
  2. Freekeh

    Freekeh has been part of Middle Eastern cuisine since at least the 1200s. It's a...

    1.8kg for
  3. Buckwheat Kasha

    Gluten free ‘pseudograin’ seed with a hearty flavour, slightly nutty and a l...

    1.8kg for
  4. Siyez

    Pleasantly sweet and chewy, with a good nuttiness and bite, Siyez has been culti...

    1.8kg for
  5. Toasted Fregola

    Try the making the classic Fregola Sarda ai Frutti di mare...

    2.5kg for
  6. Kaniwa

    Quinoa's nuttier little cousin; everso slightly sweet with nearly twice the prot...

    2kg for
  7. Giant Couscous

    Also known as pearl couscous. Try stuffing peppers for a simple meal....

    5kg for

7 Items

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