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  1. Belazu Hamper

    11 chef-quality ingredients, winning a grand total of 20 Great Taste stars betwe...

    2.36kg for
  2. Award Winning Jar Bundle

    A selection of our best-selling pastes in a branded Belazu gift carrier. ...

    510g for
  3. Middle Eastern Ingredients Kit

    A collection of Middle Eastern ingredients sourced from countries surrounding th...

    1.8kg for
    Out of stock
  4. Luxury Hamper

    We have created a luxury food hamper with a range of premium ingredients includi...

    2.28kg for
  5. Organic Bottle Bundle

    A natural pairing of our smooth, dense, and viscous 1.33 Organic Balsamic Vinega...

    790.5kg for
  6. Premium Pesto Bundle

    Selection of our recently launched Pesto range, using only premium and authentic...

    495g for
  7. Classic Bottle Bundle

    A bundle containing our best-selling 1.34 Balsamic Vinegar and Early Harvest Oli...

    793g for
  8. 3 Star Bundle

    Some of our best-selling products have been recognised for their high-quality fl...

    1.35kg for
  9. Harissa Jar Bundle

    To celebrate our Rose Harissa’s 20th birthday, we have added two new harissa p...

    510g for
    Out of stock
  10. Chilli Bundle

    Add flavour and fire to your cooking with our Chilli Bundle. Your taste buds wil...

    1.24kg for
  11. Ben Tish Moorish Cookbook Bundle

    Chef and restaurateur Ben Tish has published his cookbook, Moorish to share reci...

    1.4kg for
  12. Sabrina Ghayour Bazaar Cookbook Bundle

    The award-winning chef of Persian cuisine, Sabrina Ghayour has brought out her f...

    1.9kg for
    Out of stock
  13. Elly Pear, Green Cookbook Bundle

    We have collaborated with Elly Pear by bundling together some of the top ingredi...

    1.8kg for
    Out of stock
  14. Tagine Ingredients Kit

    Our Moroccan Tagine Kit gives home cooks all the essentials to make an authentic...

    1.19kg for
    Out of stock
  15. Belazu Tote Bag

    Our branded bag is strong enough to carry all your Belazu favourites, but still ...


Items 1-15 of 18

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