Large green olives with a firm and crisp texture grown in Sicily

Storage condition: chilled
Size: 3kg
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Grown in Sicily and cured using the same Castelvetrano method as is used for Nocellara Olives. These large green olives have a crisp, firm texture accompanied by a creamy subtle acidity, making them very suitable for both food and drink pairing.

Storage condition: chilled

NB. This product contains stones.

Carbohydrates 3.8
Energy 673
Fat 15.3
of which Saturates 2
of which Sugars 0.5
Fibre 3.3
Protein 1
Salt 3

Giarraffa Olives (contain Salt). Packed in: Water. Acidity Regulator: Lactic and Citric Acid, and Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.

Keep refrigerated, once opened, keep refrigerated under brine and consume within two weeks
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