Wholesale olives supplier and experts since 1991

Crisp, flavourful and completely authentic. Our bulk olives taste just like you bought them from a sun-drenched market stall in the Mediterranean.

We're the wholesale olives supplier that top chefs trust. These mixes are never heat-treated or pasteurised – and we wouldn’t dream of putting olives in tins.

You can buy olives in bulk, or our bestsellers come in handy-sized 400g vac-packs.


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  1. Pitted Vinci® Olives

    Big, green, crisp Chalkidiki olives with peppers and mushrooms. Our top-rated ol...

  2. Martini Olives

    Stone-free Chalkidiki olives perfect shaken or stirred in a Martini. Chilled...


2 Items

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