Black Venus Rice

A firm textured rice with a deep burgundy hue once opened.
Size: 1kg
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The Venus of the title refers to the Greek god of love, fertility and beauty because black rice was considered an aphrodisiac by Asian emperors and their courts. This variety was created in 1997 by cross-pollinating an Italian risotto and asiatic black rice. With a cooking time of 40-50 minutes it has a unique flavour and colour - deep burgundy when cooked - and the liquor can be used to make a seperate broth with or without the rice. It also makes spectacular rice salads when combined with equally vivid coloured foods and a rice pudding made with Venus rice will never be forgotten, for all the right reasons.
Energy 1580 kj 378 kcal
Fat 2.8
of which Saturates 0.5
Carbohydrates 79
of which Sugars 0.8
Fibre 3.4
Protein 7.5
Salt 0.03
Black Rice 100%
Arrives ambient. Store in a cool dry place. Use before best before date.
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