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  1. Balsamic Semi-Dried Tomatoes

    These sweet Balsamic Semi-Dried Tomatoes are ideal for sharing platters and cana...

    330g for
  2. Smokey Semi-Dried Tomatoes

    These Smokey Semi-Dried Tomatoes are ideal for sharing platters and canapes. The...

    330g for
  3. Apple Borettane Onions

    Borettane onions - AKA Cipolini onions ...

    2.1kg for
  4. Sherry Borettane onions

    Usage - - with cheeses of many kinds. From strong types (cheddar, Lincolnshire ...

    2.1kg for
  5. Cornichons in vinegar

    Small and super crunchy. Try them with a rustic pâté. Chilled Product...

  6. Balsamic Borettane Onions

    Showstopping antipasti made from Puglian Borretane onions and Balsamico di Moden...

  7. Sun-Dried Red Peppers

    Red peppers, salted and dried in the sun for an intense flavour....

    500g for
  8. Sun-Dried Red Peppers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Red peppers, dried in the Italian sun, slowly cooled in oil for a confit effect....

    3kg for
  9. Semi-Dried Red Peppers in Oil

    Red pepper halves preserved in oil for vivid colour. ...

    1kg for
  10. Sun-Dried Tomatoes (A grade)

    Premium Italian tomatoes salted and dried the old fashioned way for a bold umami...

    1kg for
  11. Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Traditionally dried tomatoes stored in Puglian extra virgin olive oil. Chille...

    2kg for
  12. Smokey Flavoured Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

    Turkish semi dried tomatoes with a natural pine smoke flavour. ...

    1.15kg for
  13. Premium Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes in Oil

    Sourced from sun-drenched Puglia, these premium cherry tomatoes are halved and s...

    1kg for
  14. Premium Italian Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

    Roasted slowly in low-temperature ovens for an intense flavour and soft texture....

    1kg for
  15. Grilled Mixed Peppers

    Delicious Italian peppers, Grilled and ready to impart sweetness to salads and t...

    1.9kg for

Items 16-30 of 40

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