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Warm, tangy blend of sweet Piquillo peppers and hints of saffron, flavours that are synonymous with Southern Spain and a hint of cumin to bring in North African flavours.

Part of our full nut free pesto range, it can be added to seafood such as musseuls, dolloped on roast chicken and crispy potatoes, or as a seasoning for lamb kebabs.



Simply use as a dip

Use to season lamb kebabs

Serve as a condiment alongsode roast chicken and roast potatoes

Use as a marinade with olive oil for meats

Add to seafood like mussels and clams, or stir through a fish stew

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The Journey Matters

We are proud to join the B-corp community!

Last year, we officially became part of the B-Corp family, becoming the UK's first Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Ingredient Company to achieve this! Becoming B-Corp gives us the tools and support to push forward innovative, sustainable projects and be part of a bold, positive movement.

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