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Three bars of Tahini and Honey Halva are on a marble background. They are each sliced into thinner strips. One is coated with pistachios, one with black and white sesame seeds, and the third with crushed pretzels.

Tahini and Honey Halva with Crunchy Coatings

Prep 3 hoursCooking 10 minutes10 people

This is our version of halva and we think it’s pretty good, but not just because of the way its made, but because we’re proud that both our tahini’s are super smooth and have an incredible depth of flavour. There’s no escaping that there is a lot of sugar used in halva, so you just have to make your peace and enjoy the flavour. For maximum impact and bragging rights, try using both types of tahini marbled together and top with one or more of the crunchy toppings.


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200g regular Tahini or Black Tahini

200g granulated sugar (granulated is less likely to crystalise)

1 tbsp honey

60g water

a pinch of salt

sugar thermometer


Suggested toppings:

75g toasted sesame seeds (you could also use a mixture of black and white seeds)

75g chopped pretzels

100g toasted and chopped pistachios


  1. Line a small square or bread tin with clingfilm or greaseproof paper. Prepare any toppings you may want to use and add a layer on top of the paper or cling film.
  2. Weigh out the tahini into a heatproof bowl and add a pinch of salt.
  3. Place the honey, sugar and water into a pan, mix briefly to combine, turn onto a medium heat and place a sugar thermometer into the mix. Bring up to the boil then leave until it reaches the soft ball stage (118C / 240°F). Once it reaches that temperature remove from the heat immediately.
  4. Very slowly pour the sugar syrup into the tahini, stirring with a spoon or spatula very slowly. The mixture will begin to thicken and turn glossy. Once it is all incorporated stop mixing as overmixing will lead to oil separation. Spoon into the pre-lined tin and smooth out the mixture, add the toppings of your choice and press into the halva lightly.
  5. If you’re making marbled tahini, spoon the first mixture into the tin in blobs, leaving some spaces for the second batch.
  6. Repeat the steps you did above with the black tahini and once you have remade it, spoon into the gaps in the tin and smooth the whole thing over. The halva shouldn’t have set yet and should still be pliable.
  7. Leave to set for at least 3 hours. If it feels a bit soft, then chill in the fridge. Remove from the tin and slice into pieces.

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