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Smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese bagels with Grape Must Mustard

Smoked Salmon and Herbed Cream Cheese Bagels with Grape Must Mustard

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When was the last time you ate a really good bagel? It has probably been a while so recreate this classic combination of ingredients, but with the addition of Grape Must Mustard. Grape must what? Yes, it is not the catchiest of names, but you will not forget its mild mustard heat and sweet balsamic flavours and as it is not as strong as regular mustards you can use it on things you might not expect to.



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½ small red onion, peeled and finely sliced

1tbsp Merlot Vinegar (or good quality red wine vinegar with a few pinches of sugar added)

180g cream cheese

1 lemon, and its zest

Small bunch fresh dill or basil, or a mix of both (approx. 30g), finely chopped

Salt and pepper, to taste

4 bagels

200g slices smoked salmon

4tsp Grape Must Mustard


  1. Soak the red onion in cold water for 5 minutes, then drain. Season with a little salt then add the Vinegar and set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, mix the cream cheese, lemon zest, herbs and decent crack of black pepper until well combined.
  3. Lightly toast or grill the bagels, or warm in an oven at 140C/Fan 120C/Gas Mark 2 for 5 mins. Spread the cream cheese on the bottom half of each bagel then top with smoked salmon. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze a little on top then place as much or as little pickled onion as you like on the salmon.
  4. Divide the Mustard and spread on the cut side of the remaining bagels then place on top and serve.

Included in this Recipe

Merlot Vinegar

Merlot Vinegar

Single varietal premium red wine vinegar, which is blended with grape juice for a bolder flavour

Red Wine Vinegar

Red Wine Vinegar

Merlot wine balanced with grape must to create a complex flavour and gentle sweetness.