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Lentil and Courgette Fritters

Lentil and Courgette Fritters

Prep 20 minutesCooking 10 minutes4 people

Having lentils that are already cooked makes this recipe quick to pull together, but they also add plenty of flavour and a satisfying crunch. Feel free to use whatever herbs you have or prefer as the recipe works well with all different types.


10 minutes

30 minute or less

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2 green courgettes

1 red onion, peeled

2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped

½ 660g jar Organic Jarred Lentils

100g plain natural yoghurt

1tbsp Wholegrain Mustard

½ lemon, zested and juiced, but kept seperate

2 pinches chilli flakes (optional)

½ small bunch (approx. 15g) mint, roughly chopped

½ small bunch (approx. 15g), parsley, coriander or dill, roughly chopped

1 egg, beaten

30g chickpea flour

100ml Early Harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or sunflower oil, for frying

Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Remove the stalk from the courgettes and coarsely grate into a bowl, followed by the onion and garlic. Add ¼tsp salt and mix through with your hands to incorporate. Place in a colander or sieve and leave to drain for 15 minutes.
  2. Take half the lentils out of the jar and rinse under cold water and place on paper towel or a kitchen cloth to dry off.
  3. Mix the yoghurt in a small bowl with the mustard, the lemon juice and a pinch of salt then set aside.
  4. Place a quarter of the lentils in a bowl and crush to a rough paste with a fork. Add the rest of the lentils, the lemon zest, chilli flakes and the herbs.
  5. Squeeze as much liquid as possible from the courgettes and onions, then discard the liquid. Add to the lentil mix, pulling the courgette and onion apart as you go. Season with pepper then mix gently to combine and taste, then add more salt if needed.
  6. Add the egg and stir to combine, then add in the flour and mix again until just combined.
  7. Place a large frying pan on a medium heat, add half the Olive Oil and when hot carefully drop in a large heaped spoon of the mixture, pushing it down so that you have a patty that is about 8cm wide and 2cm thick. Repeat so that you have 3 or 4 fritters in the pan and cook for around 3–4 minutes on each side, or until the edges are crisp and browned. Remove from the pan and place on kitchen paper to absorb the oil. Add the remaining Olive Oil, allow the heat to return to the pan and repeat with the remaining mix.
  8. When all the fritters are cooked, serve with a small spoon of yoghurt on top or on the side.

Included in this Recipe

Early Harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Single varietal, stone crushed, cold extracted, Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from the first Arbequina olives of the season.