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Ideas For Our Ingredients

15 ways to use Belazu

We've put together a round-up of simple recipes to inspire you to get to the bottom of the jar. Whether it be a quick rose harissa dip, or spicing up what ever is left in the fridge, these curated recipes will help elevate your cooking.

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Add a dollop of flavour with our Pesto range

Made with quality ingredients, our pesto range is a great addition to not just pasta, but salads, marinades, pizzas and more. Have a browse of our pesto recipes below to discover how they can be used in your kitchen. We also have a range of vegan and vegetarian pestos, so you can mix and match the ingredients to suit you.

Belazu Pestos

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Tomato Harvest

July is the perfect month for our long-term producers to harvest tomatoes, used in our signature antipasti's, pastes and pestos. Explore some of our favourite tomato-based recipes below.