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Vegan Cooking with Belazu Ingredients

Vegan Chocolate Orange Mousse

One of the things that can make people hesitate about trying vegan recipes is flavour. They wonder if the flavour of the finished dish will be as good as non-vegan recipes. Using the right ingredients, vegan cooking can be simple and create mouth-watering meals that are packed full of flavour.

With over 90% on our range being vegan friendly we have endless vegan uses for our ingredients. Culinary pastes like Rose Harissa and Shawarma Paste make brilliant marinades for tofu, while our grains, pasta and pulses can be used to make hearty vegan salads. We even have a Vegan Bundle of ingredients that makes a great gift for people exploring vegan cooking.

Whether you are trying to reduce your meat intake, catering for a vegan family member or giving Veganuary 2021 a go, here is inspiration for vegan cooking with your favourite Belazu ingredients!