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A dollop of collaboration : Miso Tasty X Belazu

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We've teamed up with Miso Tasty to launch a limited edition Miso Harissa Cooking Paste! A combination of our best-selling products, Miso Harissa Cooking Paste offers a powerful flavour, combining peppery warm spices from Belazu’s signature Rose Harissa paste, and deep umami notes from Miso Tasty’s classic red miso paste. Carefully balanced with balsamic glaze and honey notes for a perfectly rounded, versatile and ready to use ingredients.

We have some exciting news! Over the past year, our development chef Henry has been working with the team over at Miso Tasty to combine two of our best selling products into a new and exciting limited edition cooking paste - Miso Harissa!

Now avaiable in Ocado, Sous Chef and on our website, it has all the flavours you crave in just one jar.


How did it start?


After a chance meeting at a wedding, our development chef Henry and Miso Tasty founder Bonnie began working on a product that would add a jar full of flavour to any dish, with a melding of 2 popular cuisines.

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Henry Russell, Innovation Chef, Belazu

“We were thrilled to partner with Bonnie and her team at Miso Tasty. Being given the opportunity to bring together two different worlds of flavour to innovate this new cooking paste is what we are passionate about and the results speak for themselves – a punch of flavour like no other! Leading with quality and taste, we expect Miso Harissa to be a great success, introducing consumers to the ingredient they never knew they needed”

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Bonnie Chung, Founder of Miso Tasty

“I love pairing spicy notes with my miso as it naturally balances the deep tones of umami – this combination is magical and I can’t stop using this cooking paste. It is absolutely irresistible on eggs, and I love using it as a quick marinade too! This is a truly unique and delicious combination you have to try.”

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