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Add drama to Every Bite


Discover authentic Italian pesto in a range of different flavours to suit your tastes, all bursting with flavour like our other marinades and pastes. From vegan red pesto to our signature fresh basil pesto, we have a blend for everyone. Why not spice up some fresh pasta with our Great Taste Award Winning Rose Harissa pesto or mix our Truffle & Artichoke pesto with crème fraîche for a delicious dip. Our pestos are perfect for cooking with or including with antipasti dishes.

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  • Traditional Genovese Pesto

    Traditional Genovese Pesto

    Classic pesto with basil from Veneto Parmigiano Reggiano & pine kernels

  • Urfa Chilli Paste

    Urfa Chilli Paste

    Sweet and smoky Turkish spice paste with red peppers.

  • Black Olive Paste

    Black Olive Paste

    Black Douce olives crushed with oil Storage condition: chilled

  • Smoked Chilli Jelly

    Smoked Chilli Jelly

    A winner of two Great Taste Stars. It gives cheese boards an edge, or alternatively melt it in a pan to fry a smokey, spicy flavour into seafood. Storage condition: chilled

  • Reduced Salt Nut Free Pesto

    Reduced Salt Nut Free Pesto

    The classic fresh taste with less salt. Chilled Product

  • Premium Genovese Pesto

    Premium Genovese Pesto

    Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO Genovese basil combine for a bold, authentic Ligurian taste and remain unpasteurised, to save the flavour. Chilled Product

  • Artichoke Pesto

    Artichoke Pesto

    Great alternative to hummus or mix with crme fra”che to make a delicate dressing for salmon.

  • Red Pesto

    Red Pesto

    Blended from sun dried and semi-dried tomatoes, with hard cheese and herbs. Chilled Product

  • Vegan Pestorissa

    Vegan Pestorissa

    Pestorissa Storage condition: chilled

  • Seeded Super Green Pesto

    Seeded Super Green Pesto

    Storage condition: chilled

  • Sun-Dried Tomato Paste

    Sun-Dried Tomato Paste

    Sun-dried tomato paste Storage condition: chilled

  • Fresh Leaf Basil Pesto

    Fresh Leaf Basil Pesto

    A fresh basil leaf green Pesto, infused with Garlic and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from Italy. Storage Condition: Chilled

  • Nut Free Pesto

    Nut Free Pesto

    Nut Free Pesto, also made with Vegetarian cheese. Storage Condition: Chilled

  • Vegan Purple Basil Pesto

    Vegan Purple Basil Pesto

    Purple Basil pesto which is suitable for vegans. Storage Condition: Chilled

  • Basil Paste

    Basil Paste

    Italian basil blended to a paste for you to use as you wish