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Party & Catering Packs

Having a party? Just really love olives? Available in our famous big green buckets, we have an array of olive varieties that have been a staple of London restaurants for 30 years.

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    • Kalamata Quarters

      Kalamata Quarters

      Kalamata olives pitted and cut in quarters Storage condition: chilled

    • House mix

      House mix

      The olives of the day,

    • Pistou Olives

      Pistou Olives

      Beldi olives in traditional Provencal pistou. Chilled Product

    • Nocellara Del Belice

      Nocellara Del Belice

      Castelvetrano cure, bright green early harvest olives from Trapani, Sicily. Chilled Product

    • Pitted Harlequin® Olives

      Pitted Harlequin® Olives

      Pitted Chalkidiki and Uslu olives, with red peppers, garlic and a touch of chilli.

    • Pitted Kalamata

      Pitted Kalamata

      Classic Kalamata olives. Rich and famously fruity Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Nocellara del Belice

      Pitted Nocellara del Belice

      Pitted Nocellara Del Belice Storage condition: Keep chilled

    • Pitted Vinci® Olives

      Pitted Vinci® Olives

      Big, green, crisp Chalkidiki olives with peppers and mushrooms. Our top-rated olive mix.

    • Pitted Chilli Rosmarino

      Pitted Chilli Rosmarino

      Chalkidiki olives in a chilli, rosemary and lemon marinade. Storage condition: chilled

    • Etna Olives

      Etna Olives

      Herby mix with a chilli kick (but not quite as volcanic as their name suggests). Storage condition: chilled

    • Gordal


      Extra large olives with a firm bite and mild refreshing flavour from Andalucia. Storage condition: chilled

    • Nocellara del Belice - XL

      Nocellara del Belice - XL

      The XL version of the crispy fruity Sicilian favourite Storage condition: chilled

    • Bella di Cerignola

      Bella di Cerignola

      Italians call them Barilito, meaning 'The Barrel' - try gently roasting them with whole garlic cloves and a sprig of rosemary.

    • Pitted Smokey Salamanca®

      Pitted Smokey Salamanca®

      Giant pitted Chalkidiki olives with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and garlic. Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Zesty Maroc

      Pitted Zesty Maroc

      Preserved lemon and coriander seeds give a punchy tang to Chalkidiki olives. Storage condition: chilled

    • Italian Olive Mix

      Italian Olive Mix

      Nocellara, Bella di cerignola, Giarraffa & Nostraline - an olive mix of great pedigree Storage condition: chilled

    • Amaranto Olive Mix

      Amaranto Olive Mix

      Nocellara, Kalamata and Caperberries Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Olympia Olives

      Pitted Olympia Olives

      Fruity Kalamata olives with crisp Moroccan Beldi and chunks of cheese Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Green Olives in Herbes de Provençe

      Pitted Green Olives in Herbes de Provençe

      Beldi olives in a simple herbes de Provence marinade Storage condition: chilled

    • Giant Green Olives with Sliced Guindillas

      Giant Green Olives with Sliced Guindillas

      Giant Green Chalkidiki Olives with Sliced Guindillas

    • Spanish Olive Mix

      Spanish Olive Mix

      Hand Mixed Gordal, Manzanilla, Zorzalena & Cornicabra olives Storage condition: chilled

    • Cocktail Olive Mix

      Cocktail Olive Mix

      A cocktail mix of Gaeta, Queen Green and Manzanilla olives Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Reduced Salt Black Olives

      Pitted Reduced Salt Black Olives

      Naturally ripened black Douce olives from Marrakech Storage condition: chilled

    • Belazu Chilli House Mix

      Belazu Chilli House Mix

      Our olives del dia, a continuously changing selection for those who like to mix it up Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Plain Green Olives

      Pitted Plain Green Olives

      Beldi Olives from Marrakech, plain. Storage condition: chilled

    • Giarraffa


      Large green olives with a firm and crisp texture grown in Sicily Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Nocellara & Uslu Olives

      Pitted Nocellara & Uslu Olives

      A mix of pitted Nocellara and Purple Olives. Storage condition: chilled

    • Lemon, Basil & Mint Olives

      Lemon, Basil & Mint Olives

      Cracked Beldi olives in a rustic citrus and herb marinade. Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Spanish Bar Mix Olives

      Pitted Spanish Bar Mix Olives

      Purple and green olives, crunchy silver-skin onions and sweet red & yellow peppers. Storage condition: chilled

    • Pitted Ilios Olive Mix

      Pitted Ilios Olive Mix

      Large green Chalkidiki Olives and purple Uslu Olives , Sundried Tomatoes & Garlic in Sunflower Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Storage condition: chilled