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Olive Deli Pots

These deli-size pots are filled with our fresh olives from our long-term producers, who grow olives throughout the Mediterranean terroir. Kept under brine for freshness and packaged in recyclable pots, our olive varieties are the perfect addition to summer picnics, dinner canapés, or adding to your favourite recipes. Browse below for our full deli-pot range.

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    • Taggiasca


      Ancient Ligurian varietal with a mellow, creamy taste. Chilled Product

    • Pitted Nocellara del Belice

      Pitted Nocellara del Belice

      Pitted Nocellara Del Belice Storage condition: Keep chilled

    • Petit Lucques

      Petit Lucques

      Petit Lucques are perfect to accompany a fine sparkling white wine before dinner. Storage condition: chilled

    • Nocellara Del Belice

      Nocellara Del Belice

      Castelvetrano cure, bright green early harvest olives from Trapani, Sicily. Chilled Product

    • Gordal


      Extra large olives with a firm bite and mild refreshing flavour from Andalucia. Storage condition: chilled

    • Balsamic Borettane Onions

      Balsamic Borettane Onions

      Showstopping antipasti made from Puglian Borretane onions and Balsamico di Modena IGP Chilled Product