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Wholesale olive suppliers and experts since 1991


All of our olives are naturally ripened and unpasteurised to give the best possible texture and flavour. We hand mix these fresh olives in small batches by bringing together the best varieties and ingredients to create signature mixes.

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  • Pitted Kalamata

    Pitted Kalamata

    Classic Kalamata olives. Rich and famously fruity Storage condition: chilled

  • Pitted Reduced Salt Black Olives

    Pitted Reduced Salt Black Olives

    Naturally ripened black Douce olives from Marrakech Storage condition: chilled

  • Kalamata


    Rich and fruity purple olives from the Peloponnese region of Greece. Storage condition: chilled

  • Pitted Black Olives in Herbes de Provence

    Pitted Black Olives in Herbes de Provence

    Moroccan black olives in a simple herbes de Provence dressing. Storage condition: chilled

  • Peruvian Olive Mix

    Peruvian Olive Mix

    Botija Olives with Red Peppers, Herbs and Chilli. Grown in The Andes, Peru, at altitudes above 500 metres Storage condition: chilled

  • Pitted Cuquillo Niçoise

    Pitted Cuquillo Niçoise

    With an aromatic flesh and bitter skin, this olive is perfect in a Niçoise salad. Storage condition: chilled

  • Rustica Olives

    Rustica Olives

    Kalamata Olives in a pepper, herb and Rose Harissa marinade Storage condition: chilled

  • Black Douce

    Black Douce

    Black Moroccan olives with notes of liquorice and aniseed. Storage condition: chilled

  • Black Herbes de Provence Olives

    Black Herbes de Provence Olives

    Black Douce Olives with Provencal Herbs Storage condition: chilled

  • Botija


    Extremely personable Peruvian table olive, with strong notes of plum. Storage condition: chilled