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Add drama to Every Bite


We are always looking for inspiration and to explore new flavours to give your cooking a new lease of life. Here, discover our latest products and begin your next culinary journey...

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    • Vegan Basil Pesto

      Vegan Basil Pesto

      A vegan take on our classic Genovese pesto, perfect for adding a fresh basil kick to recipes.

    • Orange Blossom Vinegar

      Orange Blossom Vinegar

      Subtle orange gives way to aromatic honey flavour with gentle sweetness and heady floral notes

    • Basil Vinegar

      Basil Vinegar

      Sweet white wine vinegar blended with bright, floral basil notes.

    • Cured Lemon Paste

      Cured Lemon Paste

      A zesty and velvety Primofiore lemon paste with a salty finish.

    • Rosemary Nut Mix

      Rosemary Nut Mix

      Almonds, cashews and peanuts roasted with Mediterranean sun-dried rosemary.

    • Hummus Bundle

      Hummus Bundle

      Take advantage of our hummus deal, where you can buy all the Belazu ingredients needed, and get 15% off!

    • Ve-du-ya


      Rich and hot blend of Calabrian chillies and sweet peppers.

    • Belazu Apron

      Belazu Apron

      Your very own Belazu apron for when you're creating in the kitchen!

    • Port Style Condimento

      Port Style Condimento

      A semi-sweet condiment, made from matured wine and aged for at least 12 months in French oak barrels.

    • Miso Harissa

      Miso Harissa

      Our new Miso Harissa will take you on a flavour journey that will leave you wanting more.

    • Belazu Olivewood board

      Belazu Olivewood board

      Our sustainably crafted olive wood chopping board is new this year, made from old olive trees. A unique gift for friends and family, or to add to your Christmas table.

    • Wild Mushroom Pesto

      Wild Mushroom Pesto

      Earthy mushrooms with a rich and creamy mascarpone, for an easy way to add luxury to home cooking.

    • Luxury Nut Trio

      Luxury Nut Trio

      The ultimate snacking trio, ideal as a Christmas gift and pairs wonderfully with a holiday tipple.

    • Pea and Mint pesto

      Pea and Mint pesto

      Fresh Mint and green peas blended with Italian basil, perfect for pasta, or dressing fresh summer salads.

    • Ezme Mezze

      Ezme Mezze

      Our new Spicy Turkish paste is made with tomatoes, peppers & pomegranate molasses, the perfect addition to any recipe or antipasti board.

    • Saffron and Piquillo pepper pesto

      Saffron and Piquillo pepper pesto

      A warm, tangy blend of sweet Piquillo peppers and hints of saffron.

    • Showstopper Hamper

      Showstopper Hamper

      Our newly launched Showstopper hamper gathers together the very best ingredients that we have to offer. The perfect gift for close friends and family.

    • Signature Trio

      Signature Trio

      Made up of 3 Belazu bestsellers, this trio is a foodie favourite and bound to please this Christmas.