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Grains, Pastas & Pules

Discover our delicious range of grains, lentils, pasta and pulses sourced from across the Mediterranean at Belazu. From Great Taste Award Winning Black Rice, to Freekeh from the Middle East, you will find our speciality grains are the perfect accompaniment to any dish. For a twist on a classic, why not try our giant couscous and lentils on salads or in soups. If you are looking for an Italian element, explore our range of artisan pasta.

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  • Arborio Risotto Rice

    Arborio Risotto Rice

    Winner of a Great Taste Star 2018, the Arborio Risotto Rice rice is noted for its ability to absorb flavour and produce a beautiful creamy texture. Storage Condition: Ambient

  • Venus Black Rice

    Venus Black Rice

    A firm textured rice with a deep burgundy hue once opened.

  • Carnaroli Risotto Rice

    Carnaroli Risotto Rice

    Carnaroli rice has a firmer texture which guarantees an Al Dente bite in your risotto.

  • Freekeh


    Freekeh has been part of Middle Eastern cuisine since at least the 1200s. It is an Arabic word that translates as 'to rub' or 'the one that is rubbed'. Great to use as a rice substitute or to add flavour to soups and salads.

  • Roasted Buckwheat Kasha

    Roasted Buckwheat Kasha

    Roasted 'pseudograin' seed with a hearty flavour, slightly nutty and a little smokey