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Find the perfect gift for food-loving friends and family. Whether it's an Ottolenghi cookbook with Belazu essential ingredients, or a trio pack of our award-winning jars, we have a fantastic range of gifts for every occasion.

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    • Raymond Blanc Cookbook and Ingredients Set

      Raymond Blanc Cookbook and Ingredients Set

      Discover Raymond Blancs' new book 'Simply Raymond', along with some of Belazu's signature ingredients, making the perfect gift bundle for food enthusiasts

    • Great Taste Gift Box

      Great Taste Gift Box

      This brand new gift box is filled with our Great Taste Ingredients, the perfect gift for your favourite foodie.

    • House Warming Gift Box

      House Warming Gift Box

      This brand new house warming gift box is filled with our best-selling ingredients and a Belazu Apron, the perfect gift for your favourite foodie.

    • Dressings Gift Pack

      Dressings Gift Pack

      This new gift pack contains our best selling Lemon Infused Olive Oil and our White Condimento,

    • Antipasti Gift Set

      Antipasti Gift Set

      A trio of our best selling antipasti range, the perfect gift for your food-loving friends

    • Rose Harissa Nut Mix

      Rose Harissa Nut Mix

      Cashews, almonds and peanuts roasted in a light but complex blend of Rose Harissa.

    • Smoked Chilli Nut Mix

      Smoked Chilli Nut Mix

      Hand Roasted cashews, almonds and crunchy corn roasted with cayenne pepper and smoked paprika

    • Belazu Gift Box

      Belazu Gift Box

      Our new web-exclusive Hamper is full of Belazu favourites and makes the perfect gift.

    • Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix

      Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix

      Hand roasted almonds, cashews, pecans and macadamias roasted in Pecorino Romano cheese and truffle

    • Nut Mix Gift Set

      Nut Mix Gift Set

      The perfect collection of Belazu nuts in three beautifully designed tins. Perfect as a gift or to be enjoyed for friends.

    • Luxury Hamper

      Luxury Hamper

      Our new luxury food hamper with a range of premium ingredients including our signature Rose Harissa and our much loved Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena makes the perfect gift for friends and family this Christmas. The products are all trusted and loved by chefs in some of the world«s best restaurants and have been selected to bring ideas and inspiration to any foodie, whether an aspiring home cook or professional chef.

    • Cooking Paste Gift Set

      Cooking Paste Gift Set

      A selection of our best-selling pastes in a branded Belazu gift carrier.

    • Tagine Bundle

      Tagine Bundle

      This kit has all the essential Belazu ingredients needed to make authentic tasting Morrocan Tagines at home.

    • Ketchup Gift Set

      Ketchup Gift Set

      Ketchup trio gift pack, perfect for picnics, BBQs and summer get-togethers.

    • Pesto Gift Set

      Pesto Gift Set

      Selection of our recently launched Pesto range, using only premium and authentic ingredients.

    • Premium Italian Bundle

      Premium Italian Bundle

      **Save £8** Bring the taste of Italy to your kitchen with these essential Italian ingredients.

    • Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

      Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

      A bundle containing our best-selling 1.34 Balsamic Vinegar and Early Harvest Olive Oil in a branded Belazu gift carrier.

    • Organic Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

      Organic Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

      A natural pairing of our smooth, dense, and viscous 1.33 Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a Belazu gift carrier. Due to your many requests for more organic products, we have introduced these to our range this year.

    • Harissa Gift Set

      Harissa Gift Set

      To celebrate our Rose Harissa's 20th birthday, we have added two new harissa pastes to the range, which allows you to experience the three distinct, rich, spicy flavours of the Middle East.

    • 3 Star Gift Set

      3 Star Gift Set

      Some of our best-selling products have been recognised for their high-quality flavours, and this is a collection of the Belazu ingredients, which have garnered 3 Great Taste stars each. The prestigious 3* accolade is awarded to fewer than 2 products in every 100 entries, so you know they will be superb in your cooking.

    • Truffle Lovers Bundle

      Truffle Lovers Bundle

      The perfect collection of Belazu products for all the truffle enthusiasts, including products for both cooking and snacking.

    • Belazu Tote Bag

      Belazu Tote Bag

      Our branded bag is strong enough to carry all your Belazu favourites, but still retains a stylish simplicity with the cream colour scheme that is suitable for all occasions.

    • Summer BBQ Bundle

      Summer BBQ Bundle

      In Partnership with Quadrille books, we have created this exclusive summer BBQ bundle containing all the Belazu ingredients you will need to create a delectable selection of recipes from their FREE downloadable booklet.

    • Risotto Bundle

      Risotto Bundle

      The perfect kit for creating indulgent risotto, to share with family or to treat yourself. Save 10% on original price of ingredients when you buy this bundle together.

    • Belazu Essentials Bundle

      Belazu Essentials Bundle

      The best of the best. A selection of our most popular products. Perfect for those who are new to Belazu, or dedicated fans looking to discover new favourites.

    • Pasta Lovers Bundle

      Pasta Lovers Bundle

      **Save over £10** A perfect bundle for all pasta enthusiasts who love to indulge in creamy Linguine and bowls of and Strozzapreti with flavour-packed pesto.

    • Premium Spanish Bundle

      Premium Spanish Bundle

      **Save £4** Use these staples of Spanish cuisine to recreate your favourite dishes

    • Ottolenghi Flavour Book Bundle

      Ottolenghi Flavour Book Bundle

      This bundle includes the Belazu ingredients to explore Yotam Ottolenghi's new book, Flavour.

    • Ottolenghi's 'Flavour'

      Ottolenghi's 'Flavour'

      In his new book 'Flavour', Ottolenghi provides exciting and inspiring recipes that are simple, but still bursting with flavour.

    • 'Simply' Cookbook, by Sabrina Ghayour

      'Simply' Cookbook, by Sabrina Ghayour

      Sabrina Ghayour is an award-winning, bestselling Chef and cookery author.