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Try our range of tapenades. Made with olives, herbs and spices, ourrange is sure to add that richness and flavour-packed punch to any recipe

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    • Tomato & Olive Tapenade

      Tomato & Olive Tapenade

      The replacement of some of the olives with balsamic tomatoes creates a rich, smokey, and slightly sweet flavour.

    • Black Olive Tapenade

      Black Olive Tapenade

      Black Beldi olives crushed with capers and a little garlic. Do your bruschettas a favour. Chilled Product

    • Green Olive Tapenade

      Green Olive Tapenade

      The lemons and salty capers add a fresh and vibrant flavour to many dishes

    • Roasted Pepper Tapenade

      Roasted Pepper Tapenade

      Blended with grilled red peppers, tomato and garlic

    • Black Olive Paste

      Black Olive Paste

      Black Douce olives crushed with oil Storage condition: chilled