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Party & Catering Antipasti

Antipasti is the perfect way to kick off a Mediterranean feast. Shop our delicious range including artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and sweet peppers. Complete your antipasti with our delicious range of olives or get creative with our infused oils and marinades.

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    • Sun-Dried Red Peppers

      Sun-Dried Red Peppers

      Red peppers, salted and dried in the sun for an intense flavour.

    • Ezme Antipasti

      Ezme Antipasti

      A rich, Turkish inspired antipasti of peppers, tomatoes and pomegranate molasses Storage condition: chilled

    • Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

      Turkish tomatoes, semi-dried and preserved in oil with oregano and garlic. Chilled Product

    • Sweet Garlic with Chilli

      Sweet Garlic with Chilli

      The Kissable Garlic antipasto. All the crunch, with none of the burn. Chilled Product

    • Red Chilli Peppers stuffed with cheese

      Red Chilli Peppers stuffed with cheese

      Sweet Capia peppers stuffed with feta and herbs, with a little chilli. Chilled Product