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Rose Harissa Paste

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Reply to Deb

Sarah @Belazu 28/02/2014

Hi Deb! Really glad you like it! Yes, it is gluten free, as are all of our cooking pastes so they will be fine for your gluten-free friends!

Love this paste

Deb 23/02/2014

I love using this pate in tagines and pasta dishes. Please could you tell me if it is gluten-free, as it would be great to be able to cook with it for some friends of ours who have a gluten-free diet?

harissa 13/01/2014

Phew ,thats alright then

Reply to Camilla Shivarg

Sarah @Belazu 13/01/2014

Hi Camilla! I can assure you the recipe has not changed, just the jar and packaging :) By changing the packaging we have managed to reduce the price of the harissa for consumers without changing anything in the recipe!

rose harissa

camilla shivarg 13/01/2014

is this the same as the harissa in a flatter jar? been avoiding it as i thought it was a different product,and mourning the dissapearance of one of my favourite condiments, please reassure me you havent changed the recipe !

excellent condiment

pete 12/12/2013

I am a chilli fan, and this paste satisfies my appetite for that spiciness, but also has come other well blended flavours that compliment it well. It can turn a simple meal such as pasta into something quite delicious.


Ruth 22/11/2013

This is a weekly item for me from Waitrose, it just makes everything taste better. I stir it through couscous mostly, or put a spoonful into spag bol. It really is great with most meals.

Best Harissa I've found in Northern Hemisphere

Liz Johnson 02/06/2013

I've sourced this Harissa at the Borough Mkts & in the Oxford Covered Mkts when it was sold in plastic tubs and I had to fly over from the US to get it. Thank goodness I live here and can buy it from Waitrose. If the cupboard is bare of all ingredients save this and basmati rice, you'll still have a delicious and satisfying meal. Wonderfully oily & not too chilli-hot. Rich in characters. One taste and I suspect you will be hooked.

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