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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Excl. Tax: £11.66 Incl. Tax: £13.99

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Sarah @Belazu 27/05/2014

Hi Peter,

The £10 price was a promotional offer - in the supermarkets and on our website the standard price is £13.99 per bottle. We do periodically run promotions both online and in the supermarkets where the vinegar will be reduced down in price so keep an eye out for it!

Hike in price!

Peter Edwards 22/05/2014

Wow! I ordered balsamic a couple of weeks ago - £10.

Looked today to buy some for my daughter - £13.99! 40% increase in the price.

Time to say goodbye I think.

Best wishes


Can't eat salad without it

Mark Darby 11/02/2014

I've tried all sorts of other balsamics and none come close. I really can't eat salad without olive oil and Belazu.

Belazu balsamic vinegar

Jane Parr 24/12/2013

This is our families favourite and now the children are bigger they even get a bottle each in their Christmas stockings!

New bottle design

Rachael Tapping 14/05/2013

We are huge fans of your balsamic vinegar, it's almost like syrup in flavour and consistency. This used to make the bottle incredibly sticky, and messy, so I'm glad to see you've redesigned the bottle. Can I ask who designed it for you?

Don't miss out!

Daniella Street 06/01/2013

The best balsamic I've ever used! As a dipping vinegar or drizzled on our favourite greens, it never disappoints.
I have purchased it as a hostess gift and have had rave reviews.


Janice McClelland 13/11/2012

Best available, have tried lots of others but none to compare!

our favourite balsamic

Leah Ley-Wilson 02/11/2012

our favourite balsamic - wish Tesco sold it!

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